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I recently published an iPad beginners video based training on Udemy. My intention is to publish more iPad Training Courses in the near future.

iPad iOS 9 training for beginners
iPad Training Courses, 2 iPads side by side
This course will teach you the basics on how to use the iPad with iOS 9. The training explains the iPad physical interface, its buttons and connectors, how to use screen shortcuts (also known as Gestures), how to connect your tablet to Wi-Fi and how to search inside your iPad for emails, Apps, contacts, etc. It also explains in depth the Calendar, Clock, Contacts and Reminders Apps with the intention to help you get organized. The videos include clear on screen explanations with real life examples. There is a bonus section as well (E-mail configuration and Mail App usage).
The benefit of a video based training is that you can follow the step-by-step examples with your iPad at hand. If there’s anything that you want to revisit, you can just rewind or restart the video to watch it as many times as your wish.

Students do not require any previous experience with the iPad.

Materials needed: An iPad with iOS version 9.3 or later and a connection to the Internet (through Wi-Fi).

This course is best suited for new iPad users and people who are not technology savvy but would love to learn and improve their iPad skills. This course is NOT for experienced iPad users or people with strong computer / IT background.

At the end of my course, students will be able to become more independent and proficient at using their iPad. The training will also help students be more productive and enhance their potential while using the tablet.

You can now access the training with a 50% discount following this link:

iPad iOS 9 training for beginners

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