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One of the readers of this blog recently sent me a question. Something unexpectedly happened to her iPad Calendar after she returned from a trip abroad. Her iPad Calendar became misconfigured with a different region format. Currently her Calendar screen looks like this:


She was wondering how she can set it back to the default format, which in her case is English and United States.

I did a little research to resolve this issue and even though it is not a common problem, I thought it could be useful to share it with you, my dear readers.

Changing region format

The Region Format determines how number fields and dates are formatted. To change the region format, Tap on Settings

iPad Settings icon

Then tap on General and go all the way down to International


Then tap on Region Format.

Review the list and tap on the appropriate region.


In this example I am selecting United States.

Now you can press the Home button and tap on Calendar

The Day and Month should be in English as specified by the region format selected.


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