Children’s books on iPad

Do your children like to read?

Would you like them to read more?

Are you looking to make reading more appealing and fun for your kids?

It seems that kids in general love the iPad. It’s interesting to see how the new generation is growing up having access to technology we could have only dreamed about many years ago. For them is a given, a natural thing. Waking up and opening the iPad, getting access to the Internet, playing games, drawing or painting on virtual boards…

Applicable to:
iPad versions: iPad, iPad 2, The new iPad
iOS versions: iOS 5, iOS 6 and up

Today, I’m going to be discussing about a few cool Apps related to story telling or reading for kids on the iPad.

MeMe Tales

This is a free App. The App allows you to read books to your kids (Read Myself) or to let the book be read (Auto Play). Each week MeMe Tales releases one or more free books that can be downloaded from within the App. There are also paid books available for download. Prices vary depending on the book.


The books are divided into categories and also display the age range they are catered to.

One drawback is that you need to be connected to the Internet for the stories to download so if you were planning to give the iPad to your kid while in the car, you may not be able to do so unless you have an iPad with a data plan.

Each time you login to the App or take an action like reading a book, the app rewards your child with points that get accumulated in the “My Stickers” area making it fun and stimulating the reading.

Toy Story Read-Along

This is a very nice free App. It’s basically a multimedia book with animations based on the movie from Disney.


The App reads the story to your kid or allows you to read it yourself. It includes some games, painting boards, music clips and it even allows you to record your own reading for the different portions of the story.

An advantage I saw for this App is that it doesn’t seem to need an Internet connection to be able to use it.


A Story Before Bed

This App allows you to record yourself reading a story to your child using audio and video directly from your iPad, Mac or PC. The App is free but the service for uploading the recordings and playing them back is not. They have family, school and library plans. Although I didn’t get to try the service yet, it sounds like a cool idea.


They also have pre-recorded books for sale as well.


Read me stories


This is also a free App with some sample stories and paid stories that can be downloaded. The graphics are really beautiful. The text of the story gets highlighted at the same time it’s read so this stimulates the kids and encourages the reading. Touching the characters on the screen extends the story and reads a few more lines.


You can follow this post to see how to download and install iPad Apps.

Happy interactive reading!  :-)

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