How to use Picture Frame on iPad

Summer vacation season is starting in North America and Europe. Millions of digital pictures will be taken with our iPads, smart phones and digital cameras to capture those beautiful landscapes, fun adventures, and precious family moments.


What happens with all those pictures when we come home from our trip?
Probably about 1% or fewer are actually printed. A much bigger percentage is uploaded

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How to create a Photo Album on iPad

A question I often get asked is how to create a photo album on iPad. We all like taking pictures to help us remember special occasions or our travel adventures. We then download the pictures to our iPad and have to sort them into different albums to keep organized and to be able to track our favourites at a later date. By having each album labelled, it is so much easier to show our pictures and share our stories with friends.

To learn more about the Camera App, check out these post: iPad Camera App on iOS 6.
If you want to learn how to edit pictures, follow this article: How to edit pictures on iPad.

So how do we go about creating albums on the iPad?

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How to edit pictures on iPad

On a previous post we discussed the basics of the Camera app and its functionality when taking pictures or recording video.
On this post, I’ll be discussing further how to edit pictures on iPad.


Imagine it was your niece’s birthday and you took plenty of pictures and recorded some video too. You go back home, want to do some basic editing and then share the outcome with your friends and family

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