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How to use Night Shift on iPad with iOS 9.3 and iOS 10

31 Mar

insomniaNight Shift on iPad has been updated for iOS10.

I don’t know about you but I don’t seem to be able to get enough sleep these days between work and a busy family life with an active toddler. I’ve also been spending my time working on a special project that is near completion (which I’ll be revealing to my readers in the near future).

So any help I can get to ensure a better night’s sleep is welcome…

This leads me to share about a new feature that was recently released on iOS that can potentially help you with your sleep. Continue Reading

Baby Bedtime Music

03 Jun

Some of my friends recently became parents. With all the joy and happiness that being a new parent means, there are not surprisingly a few complaints about the disrupted and poor nights of sleep. Baby has certainly changed their lives for the better but baby’s sleep is usually an issue.


Luckily there are plenty of Baby Apps for iPad Continue Reading

Help Me Sleep App

31 Jan

There was a period of time last year when I had trouble falling asleep. I had too many things going on in my life and some of them were very stressful. Without a doubt, this was impacting my sleep. Sometimes I would toss and turn in bed until 2 or 3 AM. Ugh!!!


I started looking into how to improve this situation. I made some changes to my routine, such as eating supper earlier, exercising more frequently, and cutting down on sweets before going to bed. I also found soothing and relaxation apps I could download on the iPad to help me relax faster and fall asleep sooner Continue Reading