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The ultimate Safari iPad tutorial updated for iOS 12

11 Jan

A few years ago I wrote one of my first posts about Safari on iPad. A lot of things have changed on iOS since then so I decided to do a review and publish a complete Safari iPad tutorial updated for iOS 12.

Safari allows you to navigate the Internet and view webpages. It is the web browser App that comes installed by default with your iPad. Other popular browser Apps that you may want to consider and download are “Chrome” and “Firefox”.

Starting Safari

To open Safari, tap on the following icon on your Home screen.

safari ipad icon

Safari iPad Screen Layout

The Safari iPad screen layout has changed over the past few years. The current layout has been streamlined for a thinner navigation and toolbar, offering more screen space to view web content. For the purpose of making the tutorial easier to follow, I will showcase the current screen layout with this self explained image:

Safari iPad Screen Layout

The Search and Navigation bar Continue Reading