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Finding parking spots using your iPad

19 Dec

Do you own a car?
How many hours do you spend commuting?


Traffic seems to be one of the biggest aggravations of driving in a big city. What could be worse than being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic after all? Mmm… maybe driving around in circles trying to find parking?!!!

The App I will be discussing in this post is most commonly used on the iPhone but also works well with the iPad.

If you have a car and iPhone or an iPad with a data plan you may want to give Parker a try. Continue Reading

Adding frequently used Apps to your iPad Dock

12 Dec

As you spend more and more time using your iPad a pattern will emerge. There are certain Apps that you will find yourself opening on a daily basis.


But even if these Apps are located on the iPad first page or Home screen, depending on our location, you may still need to swipe back and forth to get to the App you are looking for.

Unless… you populate your favourite Apps onto the iPad dock Continue Reading

Digital Sheet Music on iPad

08 Dec

I have always loved music. I even took electric keyboard lessons for a short time when I was a boy. Of course, this does not qualify me as a musician but at least my love for music is there, right? ;-)

What about you my dear reader? Are you an amateur or experienced musician? Have you ever used the iPad to actually produce music?


A friend of mine who is a musician recently asked me if I knew any good sheet music Apps for iPad Continue Reading

Flipboard App on iPad

01 Dec

Today’s information society has both benefits and drawbacks. We are constantly flooded with information and content, some of which is useful and some of which is junk. So how do we effectively consume and filter out what we want to read?


On your iPad, one possible solution is to use the Flipboard App. Flipboard lets you browse information from many different sources organized by topic in a digital magazine format.

You can create your own digital magazine and add stories (Flip) into it Continue Reading