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Sharing pictures using AirDrop on iPad

18 Nov

In the past few days I had more time to play with my new iPad Air. In case anybody had any doubts, let me clarify that I really like the new tablet and I am enjoying playing with it!!

For those who may have missed last week’s exciting news, I wrote about my first impressions of the new iPad Air. You can check out that article here.


I am discovering several new features that are available on iOS 7 but I could not access on my previous iPad 2.

One of these features is called AirDrop Continue Reading

iPad Air First Impressions

11 Nov

Guess what my dear readers? I am so excited to tell you that I got a new iPad Air this past week! Although I have not spent “enough” time discovering this awesome tablet (i.e., how much is enough when you get a new gadget?! ), I wanted to share some of my thoughts about it.


Lighter, Thinner, Faster…

First of all, the new iPad Air feels really, really light especially Continue Reading