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Transform your iPad into a Weather Station with the Seasonality Go App

28 Oct

You may recall from a previous post that I am the official weather man at home. In order to fulfill my role and keep my wife happy, I am always on the look out for new weather Apps.

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Mike on Twitter to have a look at Seasonality Go. This App is not just a weather App. It literally transforms your iPad into an advanced weather station!


While I was preparing this post, I showed Seasonality Go to my wife and she was very impressed with it.

Seasonality Go knows about 30,000 locations in about 200 countries. You can also use your iPad’s GPS Continue Reading

Search on iPad with Spotlight on iOS

21 Oct

Several months ago I wrote an article about how to search on iPad. It mainly referred to iOS 6.
The main benefits of searching your iPad with iOS 7, 8 or 9 remain the same. With iOS 7, 8 and 9, you are able to locate things quickly and easily, whether it’s an App, a contact, song, email, book or appointment.


There is a subtle change though and it boils down to how to access Spotlight (the search utility) Continue Reading

Raising Awareness with WWF Together App

16 Oct

What do giant pandas, marine turtles, elephants, tigers, snow leopards, whales, polar bears, rhinos, gorillas, sharks, jaguars and monarch butterflies have in common?


All of them are facing threats of extinction.

I recently came across “WWF Together”, an App from the World Wildlife Fund. This interactive App teaches us about the different species Continue Reading

Free language learning on iPad with duoLingo

07 Oct

Bonjour, est-ce que vous parlez français? Habla español?
In today’s society, it is a great advantage to be able to speak more than one language! Personally, I am fluent in Spanish and in English whereas my wife is fluent in English and in French. How about you?

Some time ago I wrote an article about translation Apps for iPad. Although translation Apps are convenient and useful in different situations, it is not the same as truly mastering a language, being able to speak it, read it and write it.


Instead of relying on software packages and audio courses that teach you a new language, why not try a language learning App on the iPad? Porque no probar un App para aprender idiomas en el iPad ? Continue Reading