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Money Management on iPad

30 Sep

Money management is a good skill to learn no matter what is your age. Our modern society offers many opportunities to make money as well as ample opportunities to spend it. I remember one of my former university professors used to say, “The more we earn, the more we spend”.


Bank accounts, mortgage payments, rent, credit cards, clothing, gym membership, car payments, groceries, pharmaceuticals, dinners, movies, trips… It’s easy to get lost or to overspend Continue Reading

Control Center walkthrough on iPad with iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9

23 Sep

iOS 9 is finally here and with it the iPad has many changes to the look & feel, animations as well as its functionality.

In this article, I will discuss the usage of Control Center. Please note that Control Center has been available since iOS 7 and is also available on iOS 8 and 9.


What is Control Center?

Control Center can be described as a shortcut to some of the most frequently used features Continue Reading