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How to Make Comic-Book Themed Invitations with Your iPad

29 Jul

As the silver screen started producing superhero movies such as The X-Men and The Avengers, children have started rediscovering the world of comic books.


Most of them will want to have a superhero or comic book-themed party on their next birthday. Along with the preparation of the event, parents have to prepare Continue Reading

New Google Maps App for iPad

19 Jul

On a previous post I discussed how to use Google Maps on iPad using your Safari web browser.

Now the wait is finally over. The new Google Maps App for the iPad is here!


I really love this new App. It is very intuitive and easy to use! The App has been improved from the old version and this one contains many cool features. A few worth mentioning are voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation, public transit, biking and walking directions Continue Reading

Comic Books on iPad

11 Jul


Who does not love comic books? I certainly have fond memories of spending hours reading the latest adventures of Archie, Spiderman, and Batman when I was a kid.

While I may no longer be inclined to buy a comic book in a store, I have rediscovered my enjoyment of comics through the iPad! And, I recently got reacquainted with my old friends Archie, Betty, and Veronica :)

In this post, I will discuss the Comixology App and potentially help you return to your source of childhood entertainment. Continue Reading

Text Messages on iPad

08 Jul

I recently went on a little summer vacation with my wife. As part of our trip, we spent some time with friends and family who we rarely get to see in person. Since we all live in different cities and countries, we usually keep in touch by email, phone or Skype. Of course, as you well know, the issue is it takes time to write an email and talking on the phone or Skype requires both parties to be available at the same time.


A faster, more efficient, and easier way to communicate today is through text messaging. I find that you often see people texting each other on their iPhones, iPads, or other devices just about everywhere you go. It makes sense why. A text message is short and quick to send and Continue Reading