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Open Table for iPad

20 Jun

Everyone loves the long days and short nights during the summer months when we can dine outside and the city comes to life! There are endless choices of restaurants but sometimes finding the perfect one and making a reservation for 2 or more people becomes difficult.

Plus, finding a new favorite spot to eat can pose an even bigger challenge while on vacation or traveling on business to another city.

I am very excited to share with you an App that can help you take care of these problems.


The Open Table App lets you make restaurant reservations from your iPad (or iPhone), quickly and free!

Follow this post if you need to refresh how to download and install iPad Apps.

At the moment, only selected restaurants in the United States Continue Reading

How to use Picture Frame on iPad

17 Jun

Summer vacation season is starting in North America and Europe. Millions of digital pictures will be taken with our iPads, smart phones and digital cameras to capture those beautiful landscapes, fun adventures, and precious family moments.


What happens with all those pictures when we come home from our trip?
Probably about 1% or fewer are actually printed. A much bigger percentage is uploaded Continue Reading

Astronomy on iPad

10 Jun

The moon, stars, planets, constellations. Since the beginning of time they have been source of admiration for people in general. Who has not stared up at the sky and gotten lost in the stars? Maybe you’ve even dreamed about becoming an astronaut one day…


So far only a select few have been able to travel into space and to see the moon up close. Luckily there is the NASA App on iPad that allows us Continue Reading

What is Snapseed?

07 Jun

Around a month ago I wrote an article about iPhoto on iPad. Since then I have been enjoying downloading pictures onto my iPad and doing all sorts of editing and fun special effects.


For the sake of completeness and to give readers a free option, I thought that it would be nice to review Snapseed.
Snapseed is a photo editing App Continue Reading

Baby Bedtime Music

03 Jun

Some of my friends recently became parents. With all the joy and happiness that being a new parent means, there are not surprisingly a few complaints about the disrupted and poor nights of sleep. Baby has certainly changed their lives for the better but baby’s sleep is usually an issue.


Luckily there are plenty of Baby Apps for iPad Continue Reading