iPad care

I like to preserve my iPad in pristine condition. That is the reason why I treat my iPad with care. But as careful as I can be, s#it happens!! You trip and your iPad falls. Your kids have a little fight to see who is next to play a game and while pulling/pushing the tablet falls. You put it in your purse or rucksack and your keys scratch the screen… ohh noooooo!!!


Problems like those mentioned above can happen at any time and anywhere. The thing is, if it is going to happen and we cannot avoid it… at least, let’s be prepared.

So what can be done to protect your iPad?
The first line of defense is

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Google Docs with iPad

We spend time on our laptops and desktops while we are at home or at the office. And when we are on the move, we continue to do tasks on our mobile devices. We take notes, send/receive emails, review and edit documents, upload pictures and more. Whatever changes we make on our tablet, it would be nice to have them automatically updated on our computer. That is what Google Drive is all about.


Google Drive allows you to store up to 5GB of files for free on the cloud

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Remote Desktop on an iPad

Do you travel often for business or for pleasure? Have you ever needed to access your home computer while away on business or on a vacation? Perhaps you were searching for a file, picture, or document. Perhaps you wanted to upload and backup some pictures from your trip.


Amazingly, you can control your home computer (PC or Mac) from your iPad! You can also see your computer screen, share files, access programs, or even browse the web of your home computer through your iPad.

It is easier than you think

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iPad for University

I enjoyed my time in university. Well… mostly. I always dreamed about visiting the most prestigious schools around the world and spontaneously attending classes in different topics. It’s just a dream, I said to myself after looking into tuition fees, lodging and travel costs.


Who would have thought that the most renowned universities would come out looking for me and offer me courses for… FREE!

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Audio books on the iPad

I love to read novels, fiction and technical books. Unfortunately time is very scarce for me, unless I’m on vacation. Even on vacation there is so much I want to do that I do not get to read as much as I would like.


I found a cool way around my dilemma. Audio books. I noticed that many times I am busy performing a task (e.g., cooking, exercising, traveling, commuting) but

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Google Maps for the iPad

There was some controversy around the Maps App when Apple upgraded the App on iOS 6. Many people complained and pointed out that it had some bugs and lacked some important functionality.

At the same time the Google Maps App disappeared from iOS 6.

Finally there is a new Google Maps App version available and it is optimized for iPad!.If you are looking for my latest post related to Google Maps App for iPad, click here.

If you want to know more about using Google Maps on iPad through your web browser, keep reading below.


If you have an iPad with cellular access you can use the GPS

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Handwriting on iPad

A friend of mine asked me the other day if I knew any good handwriting apps for the iPad. I decided to do some research on this interesting topic. Some people may find it easier to write than to type. Others may want to use the iPad to draw, doodle, or sketch. Who would have thought that the traditional “paper and pen” could be replaced by the iPad?


My friend also asked me if any of these Apps have handwriting to text recognition

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