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Address Book for iPad

28 Feb

iPad Address Book

It is time to discuss about the iPad Address Book. The iOS App, better known as Contacts lets you add, edit and delete contacts from your address book and share contacts among iOS devices (provided that iCloud is enabled).

Digital Globe

Contacts is integrated with other Apps on iPad. This means that from the Contacts App you can share a contact with another person, send an email message or even FaceTime Continue Reading

What is ShoeBoxed ?

25 Feb

Paper work and laundry… I have not found anybody who would like to spend more time on it, yet everybody has to do it!!
Receipts, receipts and more receipts. Where did I put them? Tax season is approaching and I, like all of you my dear readers, have to get our paperwork in order. It is time to prepare a spreadsheet or enter the information on an accounting program such as Quickbooks. Several hours of work await. Ugh!


But what if there is another option to get and stay organized?
What if you could have all of your receipts automatically entered onto a spreadsheet?
Your iPad can help you with all this Continue Reading

Radios on iPad

21 Feb

They have been around for quite some time. Loved and enjoyed by kids and adults alike, radios are always there entertaining us, cheering us up, delivering music and news. Through the years we have seen a transformation. Radios became first available on our computers through the Internet and nowadays they are present on our mobile devices.


Today I will be discussing Continue Reading

How to Search on iPad

18 Feb

It is probably one of the least known and used features of iOS on iPad. It is very simple to use, yet very powerful. As time goes by and the amount of Apps, appointments, contacts and information in general increases on the tablet, many people struggle finding what they are looking for.

If you own a Mac, you might be familiar with a search utility called Spotlight. The good news is that Spotlight is also available on your iPad.
Spotlight is great because it searches through your reminders, emails, messages, contacts, Apps, music, calendar (events), notes and the Internet (provided you are connected).

Ever been scrolling through iPad pages trying to find that App you downloaded 2 weeks ago? Not sure when that doctor’s appointment is? Continue Reading

Calculator on the iPad

14 Feb

It is an unclear omission and kind of strange. I have not been able to determine or to learn thus far the reason why there is no Calculator App included with iOS on iPad even though there is a Calculator App on iOS for iPhone.

But do not despair my readers, as I am proposing to you in this post various options. There is an English proverb that says “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Many App developers have noticed the need and as a result, there are different Calculator Apps available for downloading Continue Reading

Create folders in iPad

11 Feb

If you have been following my blog for the past several months you may have downloaded plenty of new iPad Apps. With so many Apps, things can get messy, disorganized and hard to find. Fortunately, iPad lets you create folders where you can store Apps organized by title or subject.

Today I am going to discuss how to create folders in iPad and complement my explanation with a brief video Continue Reading

iCloud and Safari

07 Feb

We live busy lives. Depending on the week day and time, we may find ourselves surfing the web from a different mobile device.

Imagine you are at a coffee shop browsing the web on your iPad. You have 5 tabs opened. All of a sudden you realize it is getting late so you grab your things and head out the door. You don’t want to lose what you have been reading.


Safari on iOS lets you add your pages to a Reading List. These pages can be seen later even when you are offline. Moreover, if you have iCloud enabled, you can also see the same tabs you were reading on your iPad on your iPhone, iPod touch or MacBook Safari browser. Now isn’t that cool?!?

Today I’ll be discussing using iCloud tabs Continue Reading

Valentines Day Ecards

04 Feb

Love is in the air everywhere you look around…

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. At this time of year, we are bombarded with the color red, hearts, chocolates, flowers, cards, and balloons in every store and even on various online websites!

Some people say it’s just another commercial date. While that might be true, it seems to me that nobody wants to show up empty handed when they see their special someone on February 14th.


Women (and men too!) want to feel appreciated and loved! Especially on Valentine’s Day, it may seem particularly important for you and your significant other to Continue Reading