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5 Free Travel Apps

31 Dec

Traveling. What a fantastic experience!!  Who doesn’t love to get away from home, explore new places or relax by the pool or beach somewhere? Whatever your destination of choice, whether for adventure or relaxation, vacations are always a nice change from the everyday.


I have said it before. The iPad is a great travel companion. To make it an ideal travel companion why not load it with Travel related Apps? Continue Reading

How to update iPad Apps

27 Dec

Software is constantly changing. People discover and report new bugs (software problems) or technology improves and the software developers decide to add new features to existing Apps.

Digital Globe

This is why the iPad operating system (iOS) allows you to update the Apps you have installed. Note, this is different from an iOS update where the whole operating system is renewed. Updating an App only changes that particular App Continue Reading

Weather on iPad

24 Dec

‘What’s the weather like tomorrow?’, my wife usually asks. It is as if all of a sudden my job is to be her personal weather man… Luckily I have become an expert on the subject. Of course, I have the help of some weather Apps for iPad ;-)


We all know that in certain places winter can be very harsh and knowing in advance how to dress or prepare for it, is a must.

Most weather Apps allow you to view forecasts Continue Reading

Music on iPad

20 Dec

I like listening to music on iPad while I work, prepare a meal in the kitchen or get together with friends. Oh, yes, I do cook and people seem to like it… But that’s a story for another blog post.
If I’m busy doing something else, then I don’t want to get distracted and spend time selecting or changing songs.


I know. It’s called radio. There’s a million radios out there.

But what if there is another option? Like a personal DJ. Someone that plays music according to my mood, time of day or my taste…

The App exists! it’s called Continue Reading

Changing ipad wallpaper

17 Dec

The iPad comes with a default wallpaper or background image. Sometimes you get bored of it and want to change it. Sometimes you are sharing the iPad with somebody else and you can’t stand the background image your partner chose. Other times the wallpaper might be great for you while on vacations but inappropriate to show at a business meeting or presentation.


Today, I’m going to share with you how to change the iPad wallpaper Continue Reading

How your iPad can help you renovate

13 Dec

During the summer we had some water damage at home. Putting aside all the pains of dealing with the insurance company, getting estimates from different contractors and fixing the cause of the water damage, we discovered we could use the iPad to help us throughout the renovations stage.

On this post, I’ll be discussing some ideas on how the iPad helped us with the process of fixing up our house and the renovations involved Continue Reading

Which iOS do I have? (Updated)

10 Dec

What is all the fuss about iOS 10?
Which iOS do I have ?

iOS is the operating system used by the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. In the words of Wikipedia, “an operating system (OS) is a collection of software that manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for computer programs.”
Oh, yes, that makes it a lot clearer, right?


Well, trying to simplify, let’s say there’s a lot of features that are built in into iOS that allow you to take advantage of what the iPad, iPhone or iPod have to offer. For example, using Siri, connecting to WiFi or cellular networks, connecting to an external speaker using bluetooth, being able to take pictures and modify them Continue Reading

iPad Gestures Multitasking

06 Dec

If you bought your iPad from an Apple Store, chances are that the person helping you took the time to introduce you to the iPad and the multi touch gestures. Chances are that you forgot some of the details or you didn’t get the introduction at all…

Touch gestures are different ways (and shortcuts) to interact with the iPad touch screen that allow you to scroll, switch between apps, close running apps, etc.

Some gestures are available only from within applications. Others can be used Continue Reading

5 Free E-Card iPad Apps

03 Dec

Many years ago, I used to buy cards for the holidays, take the time to write meaningful messages, look up the postal addresses and send them out to friends and family. As I grew up and time became scarce because of classes in university or work, there was a period of time when I stopped doing it. It was just too time consuming and other things had higher priority.

I was not the only one suffering from lack of time. But then, one day, I got my first eCard by email. It was not a very elaborated card but the idea was great!  I loved it. Soon the eCards started replacing (partially) the mail cards. It was just too convenient Continue Reading