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How to backup ipad to computer

29 Nov

My friend Eric was asking me the other day how to backup his iPad onto his computer. It’s a fairly simple process but before you can do it, you need to have iTunes installed on your laptop or desktop.


If you don’t have the iTunes program, it can be downloaded from the Apple site for free.
One important reason to backup your iPad is to keep a copy of your important stuff (Contacts, Calendar accounts, Calendar events, Camera Roll, Network settings, Notes, Safari bookmarks, etc) in case you need to restore it later. Another reason Continue Reading

What ipad should i buy?

26 Nov

The holidays are coming and I’m sure the iPad will be present on everybody’s wish list. Parents, kids, grandparents are hoping to get their hands on one… But which iPad should I get?  That is the burning question this year!!! How do I know which one to choose?


iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPad with Retina Display… Why so many models? Which one is the right one for me?

The answer is… Continue Reading

How to Skype on iPad

22 Nov

Skype is a software application that allows people to make free voice and video calls over the Internet.


It also allows to make (paid) phone calls from the Internet onto a regular landline or mobile phone.  I have been using Skype for quite some time. On the Mac or PC, also available on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Skype comes very handy when you travel and you want to call your folks back home. It’s also very popular among families that have relatives in other states, provinces or countries. If your kids left for college in a different state or province, or your grandkids are living abroad in another country Continue Reading

How to edit pictures on iPad

19 Nov

On a previous post we discussed the basics of the Camera app and its functionality when taking pictures or recording video.
On this post, I’ll be discussing further how to edit pictures on iPad.


Imagine it was your niece’s birthday and you took plenty of pictures and recorded some video too. You go back home, want to do some basic editing and then share the outcome with your friends and family Continue Reading

Alarms, stopwatch and timer

15 Nov

On a previous post we discussed the new World Clock app added on iOS 6 for iPad. On this post we will review the alarms, stopwatch and timer that are part of the same app.


If you are a frequent traveler or if you use your iPad on a daily basis you might be interested in using the alarm feature that is provided with the world clock. I particularly liked the fact that you can now wake up to your favorite music using the songs available on your iPad Continue Reading

How to download music onto iPad

12 Nov

I usually listen to music on my iPod. Occasionally, I do listen to music on my iPad. Some weekends, I like waking up and turning the volume up loud to some of my favorites. Life with music is just fun!

Album with music notes

The good thing with iTunes is that you can share your music among different devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac) as long as you are using the same apple id account on them.

I have many albums loaded from different artists. Some are good oldies I loaded through my Mac, others are just singles that I bought Continue Reading

Dropbox with iPad

08 Nov

Today I’m going to be sharing with you an interesting app for the iPad. You may have heard about it before. It’s called DropBox.

DropBox allows you to upload documents, pictures and videos to your account online and then be able to access them from any device when you connect to the Internet. DropBox is available for Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and iPad.

This means you can upload files on your laptop and have them available on the iPad or you can upload files from your iPad and then view them on your laptop or phone. Sounds cool? it’s because it is!

You can also share files with other people Continue Reading

iPad Camera App on iOS 6

05 Nov

Starting with iPad 2 and later, the tablet comes with two cameras, one in the front and one on the back.

Have a look at iPad Controls for more information.


The Camera App embedded on iOS (the operating system) allows you to take pictures and record video with your iPad.

Whether taking pictures of your kids or some design project you are working on Continue Reading

iPad World Clock Tutorial (Updated)

01 Nov

The iPad World Clock tutorial has been updated to cover iOS 10.

When I first got my iPad, one of the features or apps that I really missed when comparing it with my iPhone was the clock and the possibility to set alarms. Think about it. iPad is an ideal travel companion. Wouldn’t it make sense to have a clock with time for multiple cities and alarms?

iPad World Clock Main Screen

For some strange reason, the iPad World Clock was not included way back on iOS 5 although it was available for the iPhone and iPod touch at that point.

The good news is that the iPad World Clock app has been included and integrated with iOS since version 6 and of course is present on iOS 10 as well. Today I’ll be discussing Continue Reading