iPad Recipe Apps

What’s cooking?
The iPad is the new cooking companion, recipe book, grocery list and tool to exchange recipes. There are plenty of cooking and baking apps out there.

Are your tired of preparing (and eating!) the same meals week after week?
How much time do you have to do your cooking and to go grocery shopping? Where do you keep your list ?

Have you ever wished you had a cooking assistant?
Loaded with the right Apps, your iPad can be that ideal assistant. Well, sort of… it will not help you with the utensils and won’t do your dishes, Sorry!!

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Newsstand tour

Are you an avid Magazine or newspaper reader?
Would you be interested in getting your magazines or newspapers right on the iPad?

Same as with books, some people still prefer the printed content to the digital one. They like the way the book, magazine or newspaper feels in their hands and I can’t argue with that. Depending on what I’m reading, I may prefer the printed content as well.

But what if you are a frequent traveller, or you commute long distances on public transport to go to work, or you are leaving on vacations and you don’t want to take with you several magazines because they are heavy. Or maybe, you can’t even get that specific magazine delivered to you where you go or where you currently live. You might still be able to read that content by using Newsstand and the respective app for your favorite magazine or newspaper.

Oh, let’s not forget about the multimedia content. Most magazines and newspapers nowadays include interactive content that you won’t find on the regular editions

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Parental control on iPad

If you are a parent or grandparent, sooner or later you’ll have to allow your kids or grandkids to play with your iPad (or maybe their own?). After you show them the basics for the first time on how to use the multi touch screen, access the Internet or their favorite games, chances are that they will learn super fast and know better than yourself how to do certain things…
Besides the iPad falling or the kids playing frisbee with it, you may be concerned about them accessing certain inappropriate content on the web or modifying your configuration settings on the device.


To manage these issues you can enable Restrictions on your iPad. Restrictions allows you to enable or disable certain apps and privileges on your tablet.

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5 Translation Apps for iPad

The iPad is an ideal travel companion.
How many times have you been to places where you wished you understood the person who is talking to you in a foreign language or a written sign on the street?

How much easier would it be for you to be able to read the menu and order your meal at a restaurant in a different language and in a foreign country?

Many years ago I traveled to China for business and had to stay for about a month in what the Chinese people consider a small town ( around 2 million inhabitants ).

I brought with me a few travel guides which helped me tremendously

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Children’s books on iPad

Do your children like to read?

Would you like them to read more?

Are you looking to make reading more appealing and fun for your kids?

It seems that kids in general love the iPad. It’s interesting to see how the new generation is growing up having access to technology we could have only dreamed about many years ago. For them is a given, a natural thing. Waking up and opening the iPad, getting access to the Internet, playing games

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A quick way to protecting your iPad with Passcode

Do you have information that is important to you or private on your iPad?

How sad or upset would you feel if your iPad was stolen or lost?


Certain information can be recovered easily from a backup (will discuss more about this on another post), other information might be stored in the Cloud. The problem is how do you secure the information that’s on your device from falling into the wrong hands… Or at least how do you make it harder to be accessed by strangers?

The iPad operating system (iOS) comes with a Passcode Lock feature

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How to download and install iPad apps

It was a gift. Or maybe, you saved for a while and finally were able to buy it for yourself. Either way, you got a new iPad and are looking forward to see all the great things you can do with it. You’ve seen some cool apps out there and want to give them a try.


Weather is cold and grey outside and you want to play some games with your kids. Your iPad is great but how do you download and install new apps?

The process is very simple

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