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How to connect bluetooth keyboard to ipad

27 Sep

As time goes by and you learn more about your iPad you’ll find yourself using the device for longer periods and maybe even as an alternative to your laptop. Sooner or later you may start missing your laptop’s or desktop’s keyboard. Specially if writing long emails or texts.
There is an alternative to using the touch screen keyboard. On The new iPad you can use the Dictation feature (but you need to be connected to the Internet).

Wireless computer keyboard

In this case, I’m referring to the possibility to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your iPad. Bluetooth is a wireless technology.

If you already have a Bluetooth keyboard Continue Reading

Switching keyboard language

24 Sep

Do you have friends in another country?

Do you write fluently in more than one language?

Do you work locally in your mother tongue and need to write emails in a different language?


iPad allows you to add more than one language to your keyboard and then switch Continue Reading

Creating an Apple ID account

17 Sep

I like that app! what’s the name?

I want to download that song!!

I want that movie for my kids… What do you mean I can’t get it unless I have an Apple ID ?


Yes my dear reader. If you want to interact with the rest of the world and get some music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, apps and books. You need an Apple ID. It’s like a passport or a drivers license. Well… mmm.. sort of. You need this ID to be associated with Continue Reading

iPad Calendar how to

13 Sep

A question I get asked very often is how to use the Calendar app on the iPad. Some grandparents want to add their grandchildren’s birthdays. Other people want to be able to combine their private and work schedules so that they can keep a healthy life balance.

Calendar Vacation Day Circled

There are also the people that want to have Continue Reading

iPad Controls

10 Sep

ipad-home-buttonThe other day I was explaining my mom how to do something on the iPad over the phone. After a few minutes (and some frustration on both sides) I realized that I never explained or taught her the basics of the iPad controls. I mean, where the cameras are located, audio jack, buttons, speaker, etc.

On this post I’m going to be showing you where the buttons and controls Continue Reading

Setting up Mail on iPad

03 Sep

Many times I’m asked if there is an easier way to access Webmail accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc without having to open the web browser on the iPad.

Fortunately the answer is Yes!. The iPad comes with the Mail application which can be configured to retrieve and send emails without having to login using a web browser like Safari. Alternatively, some web mail Continue Reading